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Stephanie helped me unlock the true potential of my voice and find truth in my tone and text that I perform. Her guidance translated beyond learning how to use my instrument, but also taught me how to find depth in the work and sing with my whole body and soul. She knows how to create the full package for every performer. Truly, she is one of the greatest, most knowledgeable vocal/theatrical teachers I've ever had!

~Lily Talevski

Stephanie is a wonderful teacher and working with her has completely transformed my voice and the way I view myself as a performer. Her deep understanding and experience in singing various styles of Musical Theatre and classical/opera works has helped me navigate my voice through different pieces in a way that is healthy and produces the best sound. She is a wonderful woman, an incredible performer, and an amazing teacher, and I am constantly recommending her to people in the area looking for voice teachers.-Sophia Cannella

I am forever grateful for Mrs. Michaels and the work we did together during my college years. She helped me to discover both the control and the freedom of my voice, all the while instilling in me a deeper sense of passion for and importance of song, theatre, and conveying a story while carrying the voice with proper technique.

-Andrew Muylle

“Stephanie Michaels has a way of making the most esoteric of singing abilities come within your grasp. Her simplistic, down to earth style of teaching has worked wonders for me and has debunked many of the myths surrounding the voice - all while keeping the focus on the storytelling.”

-Tony Sharpe

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“Stephanie Michaels is an incredible mentor because she is able to challenge your weaknesses while simultaneously expanding upon your strengths. Her approach to teaching is not limited to one method. She is able to approach each student with a lens catered to their journey, and I am incredible grateful for her guidance throughout the years.”

-Annika Andersson

Stephanie taught me to believe in myself, not only as an artist but also as a person. Her care and devotion to her students is unmatched. Her passion is inspirational and I can’t imagine where I would be as a performer without  her guidance and support.

-Trevor J. Powell

"I’ve studied with Stephanie for almost 4 years. Her teaching style is adaptable to any voice and any style of music. She has helped me through every voice struggle that life has thrown my way and I am a better performer and musician because of her!" - Lillian Queen,

B.M. Choral Music Education 2020